Robert James Gabriel

Software engineer


About Me

Robert Gabriel is a Software Engineer at working with the Teamwork Projects team on importers for the product also leading the online and internal web sites team to 100% scalable and cutting edge. He is also develops/helps out on several open-source projects including Robin, Yettii, Xbox DVR Open Dyslexia (which has 60,000 uses) and upcoming Jarvis. Robert is also the author of several published papers including Problems Posed by Ad-blockers and Web Accessibility and OpenDyslexia. Studied computer science at Cork Institute of Technology in Ireland and graduated at the top of my class.


Current Projects

I'm currently working on something likeJarvis,Open Dyslexic,Robin,Material Bootstrapand Teamwork Projects.



HTML5PHP5CSS3, Less & Sass
Database DesignGulpAPI Design
HCIObject OrientedGit
Handlebars.jsUser experienceUx Design
JadeColdfusionApi Design
Accessibility DesignNoSQL


While doing research and odd thoughts on code, I store them on my blog which ishere. I also do a lot of talks and presentations on machine learning and HCI/Ux

What I Have Made

Things I've made

Yeti Jarvis,Helperbird,Xbox One Gamertag Videos,Robin,Mr Scrapper,Open Dyslexic,Swagger for Golang.are some of my projects. You can find more on GitHub.



  1. Imagine Cup Innovation National Runner Up
  2. Imagine Cup Innovation National Runner Up X2
  3. Microsoft Ireland Imagine Cup Finalist X2
  4. Hatchery Scholarship For Innovation
  5. Abbott Award For Network Code
  6. The Most Technically Innovative Award CIT
  7. Bt Young Scientist Award: Maths and Algorithms
  8. Bt Young Scientist Award: Technology 2nd Place
  9. Sci-Fest Award: For Programming
  10. Sci-Fest Awards X4
  11. HEANet Special Award For Network and Scaling code
  12. Avaya Communications Special Award
  13. Junior Spiders Awards: All Ireland Title
  14. Junior Spider Awards: Best Application
  15. Teamwork Hackathon 2015: Runner Up
  16. Young Social Innovators All Ireland Title
  17. 1 of 5 students to go to a private Google open day
  18. Overall Best Poster 2016 - Department of Computing Cork Institute of Technology
  19. Best overall Final Year Project & Best use of open source tools - Department of Computing Cork Institute of Technology
  20. Everyday Excellence Award -
  21. Scholar award for finishing top in my year with a G.P.A of 3.9
  22. Above and Beyond the Call of Duty -
  23. Above and Beyond the Call of Duty (Novemeber 2016) -
  24. Above and Beyond the Call of Duty (Decemeber 2016) -
  25. Everyday excellent award (Decemeber 2016) -
  26. Several School awards

Those were some of the awards.
Offered interviews with the likes of Google and significant other companies.



What to contact me about work?, speaking at an event?, spending me free stuff to show off (I love stickers) or just a chat well my email